Iwata ws 400

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https://pin.it/d2q4drlhc6z3ex Just hatto have one . Only 3000 in world
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Let us know how you like it. Supposed to be a great clear coat gun from what I have read.
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paintpot wrote:https://pin.it/d2q4drlhc6z3ex Just hatto have one . Only 3000 in world
i agree with you. i want on too - if i ever pull the trigger, and purchase one, i'll probably never use it. i'll just sit around, hold it and look at it. it's truely a work of art. if you get one, post back. not doubting your 3000 number, but i somewhat recall the "gunman" stating 1000 pieces.

edit - i just saw a pic of the subject gun. they are indeed limited to 3000 pieces. the pic i saw, had the gun numbered 1177/3000

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