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i was wondering if i should leave the compressor tank filled or release the air after i am done with the work? are there any pros and cons either way? also, since i only have a 26 gallon compressor, would it make sense for me to add a 10-20 gallon tank in line with my compressor to increase the volume? mahalos

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Try searching this forum for your different questions.

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Leaving the Tank charged will allow the water to stay in the Tank only real down side to leaving it charged. I leave all of mine charged when I walk away from them its a bad habit, they should be drained if your not planning on using it for more than a few days.

Tank size Matters... NOT! the untold truth.
That's a REALLY small compressor, I hope your not planning on doing any painting with it besides using an air brush with it? Its even too small for a DA sander. Adding Tank capacity is not going to make the situation any better either.
If the air pump itself doesn't put out the air Tools CFM requirements no amount of Tank capacity is going to make up for it.

I have a Very small Tank on my New used compressor BUT My Air pump is HUGE with the right Electric motor and the right size Pully wheel I have up to 50 CFM free air from my Pump alone. In its current set up I have around 30 CFM free air more than enough to run any of my air tools alone all by itself with out any air tank at all.

Think of the Air tank as a Shock absorber on your car, The shock absorber is there to dampen sudden movements to the spring it doesn't help the spring rebound OR Deflect! The shock absorber absorbs and slows down the shock energy from the Pot hole or rock in the road That's all it does! It dampens and slows down the action of the spring so the Spring doesn't Jump or snap back to its at rest position whether its being compressed or deflecting.
An Air tank does the exact same thing! it Dampens the the air pressure loss from your tools usage Or the compressor pump kicking on so you don't get a sudden Pressure spike or pressure loss. You want the Pressure in your Tank to remain fairly stable and constant no matter what the demand.

You need a compressor pump that is big enough that it can run any of your tools alone without an air tank, if the Compressor pump wont run your tools with out the air Tank it sure isn't going to do it with a Tank for very long No matter how big the air tank is.
You will be forced to stop work as soon as you run out of available volume of air and wait for it to charge the tank up again.
Painting with too small of a compressor is a sure way to mess up a Paint job in a hurry.
And waist expensive paint. Relying on Tank capacity is a sure way to air pressure Fluctuations and Paint job failure.
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