Mixing 3M pps liners and cups

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Hi guys,

Recently I started reading a little about the 3M pps system, but I haven't found a comprehensive source where I can find some details, for example if I can use a standard liner with a large cup or so.

I'm not using the 2.0 because I haven't found the presurised cup for the fuji gravity cup gun (not using the older version either, just reading about). Found tons of information about, but not about the parts or if I can just buy one cup and use other liners according to the amount of paint.

What I've found is that a cup is needed for each size, but the information isn't very specific in this matter.

Can anyone point me out to some sources for reading about this?

Thanks in advance.

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yes the cups are specific to the liner, you might be able to use a medium liner in a large cup, i wouldn't recommend it.
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