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I've been working on my 80 vette for a while now and I finally have some parts that are ready for paint. Starting to build my at home booth, (positive pressure, paint filters, the works). I'm using cheapo summit paint because I don't want to speed $2000+ on an undesirable model year vette. Epoxy primer with high build 2k urethane primer is what I was planning to do.

The Conflict:
I've been trying to get the right safety equipment for my booth. I have a full suit, gloves, and a full face 3M respirator ready to order, but I'm not sure what filters to get. If y'all could help me find the right cartridges for my mask I'd be very appreciative.

I read up on the contents of my primers and the only thing that concerns me is the urethane primer. The activator for it has diisocyanates, which from my research, sounds like really nasty stuff. I've read that a normal respirator with cartridges is not enough and that I need a $700 air supplied respirator. I know usually that you should always bite the bullet for safety, but $700 is out of my budget on this car.

I'm not looking for show car quality, I just want this car in primer. With the dangers of the 2k, I'm considering just not using it and just leaving the car in the epoxy primer.

This is my last summer before I head off to my 4-year. Would really love to get this thing looking nice before I lose all the free time I have. Person who painted it last sprayed direcetly over the original color and it all peeled off. Previous owner was in the middle of sanding and gave up, so here I am. Sanded everything off and have the glass nice and bare, hoping to make it all one color again. Hope the flat black epoxy will look nice. Thanks in advance.

Here is all the ingredients of the paint + catalyst/activators/reducers

Summit Epoxy Primer:

Summit Epoxy Catalyst:

Urethane High Build:

Urethane Activator:

Urethane Reducer:

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Yup, isocyanates will kill you.

You will need dual filters, or a two stage filter, that incorporates a particulate filter and another which uses activated carbon to get out the organic compounds.

A full or half face mask is fine, so long as you change the filters regularly (they have a limited life), especially for primer work since there isn't so much activator in primers. For clear coat the hardener (i.e. isocyanate) content is much higher so filter life will be shortened.

That said, the really important thing is that your "booth" exhausts the paint laden air quickly, so that your exposure is limited. This means that air movement capacity has to be quite high. Positive pressure booths are illegal here and in many other jurisdictions simply because they expose everyone else to all the nasties. Negative pressure is much safer, with a proper exhaust that exits well away from where people are likely to be.

As an aside, I hope you're not planning on leaving the car in primer. Primer is not suitable as a long term finish since it absorbs moisture. An epoxy sealer is probably a better solution. Usually epoxy is used under high build primer to provide sealing and rust protection. Then the high build primer which can be blocked out for a perfect finish. Another layer of epoxy, mixed as a sealer, will protect the high build and, after sanding, be able to be top coated later.

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