Sharpe EGA 502 Touch up gun Rebuild kit & parts

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Hi all, It has been ages since I have been on the site as I have stopped painting for reasons that I'd rather not go into here. I come seeking advice regarding my Sharpe touch up gun that I wish to purchase a rebuild kit for and a source for other parts should I need them. I have had this gun for many years and it was probably the sweetest piece of spray equipment that I ever bought given how it performed.

Unfortunately, I am ashamed to confess that I neglected it the last time that I used it and forgot to clean it. :knockout: :cry: :knockout:
I tried to salvage it and clean it but the damage was done so it has been sitting since that incident as I could not get it to work properly again but I want to use it again for some small projects - painting some model cars, to be exact. I have a couple of air brushes but I prefer to use automotive enamels and urethanes and this little gun really did the job well.

1)Does anyone know of a good source for rebuild kits or a place where I can send the gun to be properly cleaned and rebuilt?
2) my searches online suggest that DeVilbiss parts will work - are the Sharpe and DeVibiss guns the same as in did one company make the same gun but rebadge it? I really need clarification on this point before I step out and buy anything. Any help will be so appreciated. I am not a schooled painter - I am self taught and it's been a few years since I have painted anything so things have, I know, changed.
3) I'd prefer to give the gun to someone with the access to the proper cleaning equipment such as an ultrasonic cleaner plus the knpowledge to know what, if any, other parts are needed and who can supply them.

The EGA guns seem to be pretty expensive these days and I remember when I bought this one, I had looked at a few different touch up guns and against my bet6ter judgement, I bought a cheap one. I live about an hour and a half from the place where I bought the gun and before I got home, I realized that I should go back and just get that little Sharpe gun that had appealed to me so much. I did just that and never once regretted the choice.

I am a Canadian, so buying a new EGA in U.S. dollars means that I'll be dropping almost $400.00 U.S. which comes to well in excess of $500.00 Canadian.. I;d prefer to spend the money on my old gun as I am rather attached to it for sentimental reasons ( mostly mental *grins* ) and I tend to get attached to things that I like. :rolleyes: :talkhand:

Any suggestions will be appreciated and yes, I know that an air brush would seem to be the way to go, but I did some excellent paint work on models ( one award winning '59 El Camino ) with that gun.. and besides, it deserves better than to lay in a box or go into a dumpster. I have tons of left over paints from my painting days, so I do not mind using more paint on a job than I would use with an air brush. So if this seems a bit goofy, please humor me.. any help or advice will be appreciated and valued. Have a good Christmas everyone and the best in the coming New Year. :) :) :)
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WoW!! Over 1,000 views and not one response.. amazing.. :cry:
It's the little things that really make a difference in work and in life.

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Ok, here's a response.

Yes, they are a rebranded Devilbiss gun, actually sold under a few other names too, including SnapOn.

Regardless of how good they are/were, that type of gun has been replaced by gravity feed mini/midi guns and they're not so popular any more, so few members here will have one, or even another like it. Hence the lack of responses. I have one, a Star, which, while it did the job, hasn't been used in more than 15 years.

To clean the gun you'll need to fully dismantle it and then soak in thinners for a couple of days. Even most urethanes will soften after that and you can use the bottle brushes in any gun cleaning kit to remove the softened paint. May even have to do a couple of times. Just don't use any thing metallic so you don't damage the machined surfaces. Make up some small scrapers from wood if you need to.

I did a quick Google search and kits seem to be available from a few different places. Buy one. Also, Google should be able to help you find a User's Manual which will help you in disassembly and reassembly.

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