Installing 2nd stage filter doors

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My predicament i get dust in my paint at work in my own made paint booth, clearly its not good enough and i work in a super dusty enviroment.

Looking at other paint booths and asking people, the concensus has been to create an inner wall to my paint booth with a second stage set of filters, so the original filters i have do the bulk of the work and the inner wall filters to the extra fine filtering stuff, also creates a buffer area for me to enter and exit the paint booth.

Current design, cross flow booth working on negative pressure from the exhaust fan draw.

If i make an inner wall where my air is being drawn across the booth and out, i have the option of making the top of the wall tilted and putting the filters across the top rather than a flat wall and across the middle.

Question. Is there any advantages to drawing the air in a negative pressure cross flow design from the roof or the centre or the floor of the intake side


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