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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:17 pm
Just after some advice from the more experienced about potentially spraying 2 pak paint with isocyanates at home for a once off truck project.

In terms of venting overspray to the atmosphere, is there a certain type of filter / filtration setup a DIY guy can purchase that can trap most of the dangerous isocyanates? I live remotely but am conscious about the safety for my neighbours (which may lead me to go iso free if a filtration option is not available).

I have a dedicated garage well removed from the house and I have a Breathe Cool 2 remote breathing unit and all the protective gear for myself.

My understanding (and I may be completely wrong here) is that the isocyanates in the hardeners are only dangerous to come in contact with while they are curing?

Any help is appreciated.

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how close is the nearest neighbor?
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I only have one neighbour who is close enough to worry about and it's more their vegetable garden that I am concerned about which is around 30-50 feet away from the garage I would spray in, their actual house is like 100+ feet away.

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There are 3 things that you could consider:

1.Water Wash
A water wash will clean much of the exhaust. Setting up a system such as is used in a proper paint booth is difficult and probably expensive. However, a similar effect can be achieved by passing the exhaust through a filter that is washed down with water. The filtration medium can be the same as that which is used in cooling systems - I believe you refer to them as "swamp coolers". Just need a small pump to keep water trickling down the filter.

2. Activated Charcoal
This is what is used in filtrating masks and removes (i.e. traps) the isocyanates. A few different types are available but there are open cell foams which are treated with activated charcoal. They won't last that long, but should suffice for a single car.

3. Reducing concentration
One of the very sensible rules here is that booth exhausts exit via ducting and that has to be at least 3 metres above the surface of the roof. At that height the exhaust will mix with the air, reducing the concentration to the point where someone nearby, at ground level, will be quite safe. If you choose a day where the wind is moderate then the isocyanates will be swept away very quickly. Choose a day where the wind blows away from your neighbour, if possible.

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