HELP - No Power IR 311A DA (orbital sander)

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Hello all,
I have two 15 year old right angle pneumatic 6" 311A Ingersoll Rand DA sanders (maybe 20 hours of sanding on each) which no longer have power when any down pressure is applied. (They are similar to my brother's National Detroit DAQ sander which is over 30 years old and many hours) I tried air tool oil with no change but did not oil it religiously over its life. They will spin up freely with no load. I disassembled but found nothing obvious. The vanes look fine and are free, however may be worn (I don't know what new vanes look like). I cleaned motor parts, oiled everything, reassembled and still no power. I can buy the vanes for around $20 (set of 5) but not sure if the problem. Are these throw away sanders or can they be rebuilt? Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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