Blair Tornado 2 & Astro Paint shaker

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I'm pretty sure I have the down-market version of that Astro shaker; I bought this one from Harbor Freight, probably 14-15 years ago. At the time, they were regularly priced at/under $100.00 ($99.99?) but I caught it on sale for $85.

I NEVER expected it to last this long! I've had to give it "a bump" to get it kicked off maybe 1/2-doz times over the years, but it certainly shakes the hell out of a can of paint (also used for filler & "brushable" seam sealers). Every few years, I remember to put a few drops of oil in the air inlet (it came with its own "oiler" but all the oil would leak out of it overnight :roll: ) and a squirt of grease on the connecting rod, but that's it.

The plan was to buy this one to get by for a while, then once I was hooked on it, I'd justify buying a good USA one. But unless I found a super deal like Doright did, I'll settle for something less than a top of the line Blair model; I won't worry about it until this HF one takes a **** :flatten:

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