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Turbine System Tips and Observations from Darrelk

PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 10:20 pm
by DarrelK
So I don't know how many of you get over to the Projects pages but I'll soon be coming up on a year that I have been doing a Dodge Charger Truck build. The first page of it begins here....viewtopic.php?f=12&t=27971&start=0
The significance of this for you guys that own turbine systems is that I did ALL of the shooting with a few different guns and 2 different sized turbines. I also used quite a few Tamco products that I would like to comment on as well because they work so well with turbine system.
First, let me introduce you to one of my newest best friends..... This is the Sprayfine gravity gun with 1.3 tip set and 20 oz. cup. Pros- This thing is $140....It is built like a tank....It will wring the maximum throughput of air even from a 3 stage turbine. And, the cons- It is heavy in the hand compared to expensive pro HVLP and RP only comes with a 20 oz. cup. I shot the truck all over with this Tamco high build epoxy which they have now moved over to their marine division here..... ... -epoxy-kit
With that Sprayfine gun I only changed out the 1.3 to a 1.8 and got a nice thick 10 inch pattern that built like a cross between a high build 2k primer and something like Slick Sand. My turbine for that was the newer 6 stage unit. In my opinion if you are going to use your turbine systems for high build primers I would run no less than a 5 stage system. Honestly, if you are just going to run a regular compressed air gun for those you can get by with a 4 stage unit for bases and most of the Tamco clears. Notice I said most..... The Tamco 895 Intercoat (Yes, this is clear basecoat)- Either my old Sicmo or the new Sprayfine gun easily handles this intercoat with just a 4 stage turbine. You'll actually have to turn your fluid feed in some in fact. You'll open the gun up a little more for any of their colored base coats. If you add in pearls your intercoat they will be easily controllable but if you are adding flakes you may be running almost wide open on your fluid.
Moving on.... while building my carbon fiber/Kevlar wing there in the last pages of my Dodge Charger Project I thought that might be an opportunity to experiment somewhat with the Tamco clears and just make some comments on what can work better for you. I kind of wanted to test the "limits" of using a 4 stage turbine with the Sprayfine gun. I was able to easily shoot all of the following Tamco clears with the 1.3 tip setup on that gun. The 895 intercoat, 2104 Euro Clear, 2100 Universal Clear, Matte Clear and 1100 lower solids clear (this shoots similar to PPG Shopline clear). Now with a 4 stage you should definitely be using SLOW reducers and hardeners in all that stuff. So for some real fun I stuck exactly to the mix ratio on the can for 2104 Euro Clear. I also did that with the Matte Clear as well. Now, if you are going to have trouble spraying any of the Tamco clears these would be the two of most concern. And, I let my gun warm up for about 5 minutes with a 74 degree room and...... horizontal surfaces laid down like glass and I only got the slightest of peel on verticals. Just a splash more reducer on either of those and the verticals laid down as well as the horizontal surfaces. Now, honestly if I was shooting an overall job here I'd use the 6 stage but the point is it seems the Sprayfine gun kind of makes up for not having a higher stage turbine. For those of you using a 4 stage setup consider starting with something like the 1100 and when you feel you are getting that down move up to the 2100 Universal. If you have a 5 stage I'd consider just moving right into 2104 and start with the stock mix.
So here is the bottom line....I think Tamco clears work BETTER with turbine sprayers in general. I also think if (other than Fuji) you are having trouble dialing in a particular turbine gun get the Sprayfine gun. It will make your turbine perform better......

Re: Turbine System Tips and Observations from Darrelk

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2021 8:42 pm
by jmal7107
Hi DarrelK-

I just got a Sprayfine unit to re-paint my car and was really hoping to pick your brain on your settings, methodology of application and materials used. I tried to DM, but I don't think I have that ability as I am new here. I have been lurking and your posts and feedback directed my choice of choosing the turbine method rather than compression.

Is there a way to contact through DM or email so as to not clog up the forum with my numerous queries or should I start a build thread even though I am not doing anything extensive other than body repair and full car painting?