How do you treat rust inside doors?

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This is on an old 65 Mustang for which I've seen rust on the lower, inside of just about all of them I've ever restored [at least to some degree].

The problem is that there is two layers of metal on the front bottom of the door where the rust builds up. The other problem is that the rust is in just about all old, factory doors, nor is there a patch panel for this spot.

I'm going to fab up a patch panel, but I want to treat the inside of the door with something to keep the rest of the door from deteriorating from rust. I really don't want to buy a Chinese knock off door, nor do I want to fab a whole lower, interior panel.

I figure to just use the old, pink Navel jelly on the rust, but my question is what to put over the metal after the Navel jelly? [ I've tried, and used POR15 in the past, and I really didn't like it.]

ETA: I will cut the worst of the rust where its come through, and weld in new metal. I just want to treat the rest of the inside of the door with something to keep the rust from returning.

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The thing about rust is there really isnt any good way of stopping it except to replace the metal. The next best method is Blasting it clean and coating it with Epoxy.

It Sounds like your talking about where the Door skin folds over the Door frame structure?
Pics would help. There are a couple guys here restoring 65's.

If this is what your talking about a New Door skin is best, While the skin is off Blast the Door frame repair as necessary then Epoxy and install a new door skin. Its really not as Hard as it sounds.
I am not an advocate for cheap China after market skins in any way BUT What are you to do when their is nothing else out their?

This door should of been scrapped (I would have scrapped it) but He ends up making a usable door hes comfortable using. 3 part video
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