finishline gun packing nut ?

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had a leak so tightin the packing nut. but think i did it to much and now the needle wont go thru the gun. so i bought a packing nut kit but cant figure how to get the rubber out it looks like a spring or somthing round in it with the rubber on the out side, so how do i get that out?

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Loosen the packing nut just until the needle seats.

You will have to remove the needle in order to change the nut and seal. They make a special grease for packing nuts but it only takes a tiny bit.
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He's asking how to get the old one out.

You'll probably have to dig it out with a small pic or nail
and replace it all. They can be difficult and usually are destroyed
on removal.

(It's not custom painting-it's custom sanding)

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Depends on the model some just have the Teflon packing some have a 2 little nylon washer things on either side of Teflon packing.

Disassemble gun remove Needle remove Packing Nut as explained some time you have to dig the packing out with a Pick.

When assembling slide over needle and slide packing nut on needle slide into gun before trying to start the Packing nut into gun housing. Do not over tighten! over tightening will shorten its life cause leaks.
Needle packing should be lubed with one drop of special Paint gun Oil.
Needle should be able to slide freely back and forth almost freely. not tight enough it locks needle Not free enough it wont seal the needle.
taken care of properly the packing last a very long time.
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