2 Stage 60Gal 15.3SCFm Enough??

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I've figured out a lot of things about compressors over the years.... First, you just cannot beat the laws of physics with these units. Better quality pumps are large and almost always made of iron. That iron is heavily finned and will shed a great deal of heat. A 60 gallon tank is kind of the bare minimum for size. You want a unit that is as serviceable as possible. I hate reed valves. Disc valves are user friendly. Big, slower running motors are going to draw a lot of amperage but their capacitor style start box helps with that and running amps will be more like about 30 to 50% less than starting amps.
Honestly, if you cannot afford one of the real pro models (should be in the $1500 to $3000 range, check out Eaton Compressors) then I'd shop for 5 to 10 year old Eaton, Quincy, Bel Air, CH,etc., with the idea of rebuilding it. When I sold my 7.5 Campbell Hausfield I had done a complete "drop in" pump unit about 10 years ago. We figured it out and it still had maybe another 5000 hours of life left in it. I sold it for $500. For a hobbyist even running 20 hours a week that unit would still have about 5 years of life left in before needing major work again.
Here is the thread on the Eaton model we are running now....
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Can not provide a comment for or against.

Specs provided :
Dewalt 2 Stage
60 Gallon Tank
175 Max PSI
15.3 CFM @ 100 PSI
767 Pump RPM
230V, single phase motor

What is Cfm @ zero psi ? what is CFM @ 90 psi ? what are cfms @ 175 psi???
Better yet what is Bore and Stroke of the Pump ? for primary and secondary if a True two stage compressor?

Misleading figures RHP? real HP ?
Air comp stats continue to be the most overrated most misled commodity on the market.
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