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When I had my 'pole barn' shop built back in 98, I had it spray insulated. Works very well, but NOT cheap! But it was faster and probably less expensive than insulating and sheet rocking the whole 60 x 40 building. Especially the 19'ft. peaked ceiling.
Back then, the barn cost about 10K (a kit, with engineered trusses), the slab, around 10K and the insulation cost about 10K, as well, just to give you price comparisons.

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A Guy came over Friday to look at my bldg and give me an estimate but I haven't seen it in writing yet.
I am gonna do it will be cheaper to heat in winter and stay cooler in summer.
Its either them do it or me with Batting insulation and I cant stand to play with that stuff any more. Didnt bother to much when I was younger but now I just look at the stuff and get glass in me.
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DarrelK wrote:Yeah, spray's huge around here. A lot of older converted buildings will have this done. They even go in and do it to older home with injection.
That was my original plan but.......had a quote of around $900 to do my 8x10 shed. I thought that was outrageous but apparently that is the going rate. I ended up putting 1" foam board on the walls and ceiling myself. So far I think it is helping out a lot. I'm going to lay a water barrier (thick plastic sheeting on the concrete floor, piece together my left over foam and then add a sheet of 3/8" plywood and then get a leftover linoleum flooring sheet and seal all the edges. Hopefully that will stop any dampness and sort of insulate the floor.

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