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Hi, new to this forum and new to real world automotive painting. I’ve tried to paint a plastic bumper cover, using automotive touch up spray can paint, I used actual air sprayer primer then painted using the rattle can paint. I did approximately 2 color coats, and then 3 coats of clear. When I went back to hand wet, color sand the clear coat to smooth it all out, I burned through some paint on the hard edges. I have read that I shouldn’t have sanded the hard edges, but it was more of by accident than actually trying to sand the hard edge. I also have a fender from a junkyard that I need to paint to match my color. So I hand sanded the fender so far with 320 grit. I don’t really want to sand it down below the original color coat but feel I might as well. So I am going to go back and resand the bumper cover and buy a 2 stage paint and use my other air sprayer to spray both.

So anyway I’ve been shopping for an air sander, but I am confused between the air DA sander, an air orbital sander and an electric orbital sander. I’ve searched and searched for comparisons of the 3 but there is nothing that matches my exact query. Can anyone here chime in on the plus and minus of the 3 and which is better and will suit my needs for my current project?

Thanks in advance.

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