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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2022 10:41 pm
Very, cool... you'll really get a feel for things down the road with it. If you get a chance try the Tamco clears listed here in the store and even at Tamco's web site. If you have never tried it I would especially try the 700 series High Build Epoxy. The stuff is a 1 to 1 mix combined with a minimal amount of reducer for the Sprayfine gun. You use a minimum 1.5 (2.0 would be even better) and that 5 stage will LAY it down. Stuff is awesome to sand and is pretty much self-guide coating especially in the black or gray. It makes it so you seal, primer, and high build with only this ONE product. Another super clear I love over there is their Matte Clear. Not sure if you are into that but again a 5 stage or higher turbine will lay that stuff flat right off the gun.... That Matte is the same as their 2104 High Build Clear but has that very unique flattening compound. You know it is something special when you open up a gallon of it and the flattening agent is blended from top to bottom in the can with no settling out.... I have had that on my custom truck for two years now, beautiful and durable....
I think you'll find out later that newer premium high build coatings will be the way to go with that setup....you just have to play around with introducing slower solvent components in both hardeners and reducers. Also, if you find that your hose end or gun handle are heating up just throw some freezer packs by the turbine intakes for your shoot.
Almost two years since our build.....stuff looks like the day I shot it.... Sprayfine gun combo with 6 stage turbine.
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Thank you for the feedback. I have a two car garage as well and I just don’t have the space for a big compressor. I’d prefer to have something compact like this. Please keep updating with methods and results as well as components. I think I’m going to go with the same unit based off of Darrel’s recommendations.

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