Minimum Air Supply Setup for Spraying Small Parts

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2023 11:25 am
I am not sure as I did not test out the new setup with the jtdryer and a couple other filters but before that I had a big problem when doing a repair of my door I had a lot of fisheye and that was a first but that could have been a different type of contamination. Is the jtdryer legit? The guy that makes it told me all I needed was that and the toilet paper filter which is what I have now.

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anyone ever heard of a Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer by pneumatic plus?

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Dustin D wrote:I have not posted on here in a while. I am preparing to throw some money down for improvements for my air supply. I want to know what the minimum setup would be to ensure 100% moisture is removed from airline. I currently highly suspect moisture is coming through since I don't have the copper pipe drain with the drops or refrigerant dryer. I have an oil/water separator with desiccant dryer after that as well as an in-line desiccant dryer at gun. The oil/water never fills up with water, just beads around filter. The beads in desiccant dryer on wall needs to be changed every two sessions, and the in-line desiccant beads never change color (maybe defective?). I suspect that since the air temp is not being lowered to dew point that the water separator has no chance of working.

I don't want to go overboard. I am not spraying full vehicles, only small parts. I want to get recommendations for minimum setup from compressor to gun to ensure 100% of this moisture is removed. Open to any suggestions. I am currently using a 1.2 RP gun for single stage/clear. I also have 1.4 and 1.8 LVLP gun for thicker materials.

You want 100% moisture gone ?

30,000 dollar nitrogen system

you answer is most likely desiccant and properly ran lines
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bolts wrote:I live in hawaii and I currently have the jt dryer along with another water separator after it and then the toilet paper filter but I was looking into the devilbiss qc3 filter to add into it all.

The Devilbiss QC3 drier is VERY EFFECTIVE drier its the same drier on the DAD500 system I have.

You need an effective water Trap though No one makes a really good one except for the refrigerated units and I haven't used any of them so I cant really say for sure who has a good one.

I live on the edge of Death valley and you would be amazed how much water I get out of my system. Your location will demand a very sound water Trap design. before any drier will work well in my opinion. a lot of guys go over board with drains and such its not necessary.
You need 20+ metal pipe after compressor for air too cool so the water can condense and be trapped that's it no super secret the air has to be cool. A place in the system for the air to expand does just that! You get a rapid cooling effect the air cools and condenses so it can be trapped.

I run 80 feet Black 1inch steel back and forth across wall with no drain till it gets to the first of two 20 Gallon expansion tanks linked together by 5/8 inch pipe. then plumbed around the shop I never get water in my tools then at my booth I have the DAD500 I never have any problems with it.

You'd think the first expansion Tank would have all the water in it but in actuality its the second. I get about a gallon out of second tank when system is run hard.

Good luck with what ever you come up with
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