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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:29 pm
Hmmm, 4 picture/post limit. Continued from previous post.

Not too hard to move the mounting plates and weld on. Yeah I know about the holes in the weld - don't care. Paint is white epoxy that I tinted up a bit and brushed on.


Then mount the motor/pump units


And finally connect up the the drier pipework


The left over, brand new pump and motor I stuck on Gumtree and sold for $450 within a day. :happy: He also bought a hot water system and 2 litres of paint, so I recouped most of the cost of the new one. :goodjob:

The new system works a treat. 470l/min (about 16.5cfm), runs air tools and paint guns no problem. I'm amazed at how much water collects at the valves and how much cooler the copper pipe gets with each loop. That said, there are 6 x 2m vertical tubes and, if I was to do again I think I'd add another two. Appears to be absolutely no water in the tank itself and certainly none in the water separator on the outlet. Holds 8.5 bar (120psi) for days and tank pressure actually builds once the pumps switch on, even while operating a DA sander.

Specs on these motor/pump units say 62dBA. Just with my phone I measured the new setup at 51dBA. It is noticeably quieter, to the point where the missus actually came out and remarked that she couldn't hear it from inside, which she could before.

All up, a couple of days well spent.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:47 am
Well done. You will like the increased CFM the more you use it.

Living in Arizona I don't get the high humidity very often. Still I put copper piping similar to what you did on the wall, which then runs through a refrigerated drier (when I turn it on) before going into the booth.

I open the drop valves every now and then but hardly ever have any more than a drop or two of water. It is the same with the compressor tank drain.
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