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I was just wondering what many would see as a mandatory requirement for entry level-apprenticeships, as I'm thinking about applying for one at some local body shops. I'm a 16 year old in high school with a fascination for detailing cars. I don't even know if I can legally work in a body shop due to my age. Anybody know? If I walked into your body shop speaking of apprenticeship, what would you ask of me? Thanks

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You'll find this is drastically different from state to state. There are federal labor laws and state labor laws. In my state you would have to have a work permit at your age and the individual business would still have rules on what you could do in-shop. If you are in to detailing you should go around to the detail shops and PDR (paintless dent removal) shops in your area. Working conditions are simpler in those type of shops and it is more attuned to personal detailing skills that you develop. If you assisted in shops like that it might make going into a regular paint shop down the road a lot easier.
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