why do we give away blends ??? makes no sence

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If you replace a fender and blend the hood and door on any estimating system you get ROYALLY SCREWED !!! for example 2012 Grand Cherokee refinish time is 2.8 and 1.2
clearcoat give or take . of coarse there it -0.4 overlap if you got paid full to paint the fender and hood at the same time soooooooo tell me how they get away with paying you 1.2 to blend the hood then clear coat the full hood ?? because we let them !!!
If you painted the hood straight black along with the fender it would pay 2.8 - 0'4 overlap
soooooo you blend the color then tack it off and put the same amount of clear,paint and materials as that black paint job for ,,,1.4,,,,SCREWED !!! oh yea ,,same job you blended the door for 1.0 ,,,SCREWED AGAIN !!!

Thank's for reading ,,,feedback please !


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If all you are doing is painting fenders then yeah...otherwise take the bigger picture and make it up over the longer term. I know a guy who built his entire retirement plan on writing supplements ;-)

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Mike you are correct but dont forget to ask /beg for paint tint for color correction . That will give you another .5 life is good

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