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Hi guys I’m a prepper and I would like to know is 30% of what the painter get is ok because I paint parts, cut in door jams, prime, sand, mask, buff and only the painter do is paint the out of the car. Do u guys think 30% is ok?

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That all depends on what the painter is getting and whatever local regulations there are regarding wage rates.

While the actual rates aren't relevant to you, here a reasonable painter will command $1000 to $1200 per week while a TA (prepper) will get around $600. So, on that basis, 50-60% of the painter's wage.

Do you know what rates are used when quoting jobs? Those should give you a fairly good idea of the relativity.

The one thing that I will say is that you have to make yourself worth more. If a boss thinks that you're not pulling your weight in the team then he's unlikely to be responsive to a request for a raise. Alternately if you're doing more than your share then he will be much more receptive.

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Learn how to paint. Then you can do it all.

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