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Mastertint color matching formulas

PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:57 am
by skinnedknuckles
I have over 100 cans of Dupont Mastertint mixing colors all numbered in the format "8XX J" and need a source for the mixing formulas to match different colors. I've spent hours looking on the internet to find a book or website that can tell me how many grams of each tint I need to match a particular color. The closest thing I've found is an entry in this forum from 2007 ( also shown below). It shows how many grams of each tint are needed to match the color code but the link is no longer valid. Right now I'm trying to match VW 2014 Jetta Metalic Toffee Brown LH8Z, 4Q4Q but would like to find a resource (book or website) where I can look up formulas for any color I need. Any information or ideas will be appreciated.


Han wrote:Millennium Yellow

GM Code: 423G
Dupont: M0413

Formula (for a pint):

Master Tint 841J = 178.4 g (Yellow)
Master Tint 845J = 219.8 g (Transparent yellow)
Master Tint 801J = 223.8 g (White)
Master Tint 807J = 225.9 g (Low Strength black)
150 (Balancer) = 480.1

More info. ... tints.html

All you really need to know is the code (423G).

Re: Mastertint color matching formulas

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 6:07 am
by NFT5
Contact Axalta and ask if you can get thr program to load on your computer that will give you the formulae.

You may also be able to register on the Axalta website and access online.