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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 11:21 pm
Toyota truck ding.jpg
My first post here. This photo is the worst problem I have. Backed into a tree a few years ago, replaced the bumper, but didn't get the dent fixed. It is in the back right of the bed panel. It is double walled, but I was told there wasn't room to get the balloon type gadget in there and pop it out. I'm thinking about just fixing the rust and priming, then filling, but that would be maybe 3/4 inch. Read somewhere that 1/4 inch is about the limit for bondo. The only body/paint work I have ever done is very mediocre scratch repair. I need to get this area protected, but the truck is 30 years old and I don't need an A+ job. Can anyone give me some general instructions on how to proceed?

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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2021 9:18 am
If you cannot get to the back side to push the dent out, you will need to pull it from the outside.

A stud welder and slide hammer are made for this purpose.
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Thanks. Could I do a decent job with just a slide hammer and screw tip, or do I really need the stud welder too?

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If the double panel is that close together, you could also use the back panel as a pivot point to use a lever and pry out most of the dent. Even if you had to put a piece of wood, or something behind the pry bar. You could use a regular screw type puller, but you really should weld up the holes when done. Though in the past, I've uncovered old repairs that left the holes, and some have held for years.
You have to get creative and use a variety of methods to get that dent out.

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that's going to be a long tough pull for a stud welder. if you have a welder grind some flat washers flat on one side and weld them in various places then use a large slide hammer with a hook attachment.
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Try removing the tail light and see if you can gain access
for a pry bar.

Also look underneath and behind the bumper for a
crevice, or an area you can bend back to slide a bar
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One question would be do you have the ability to weld? Doesn't have to be a wire feed or stick welder, you could also use oxy acetylene. If any of these, then the washer idea does work well, I speak from beginner type of experience. Also if you really want to get at it you could drill holes from the inside of the bed and hammer it out, then weld the holes up with a filler piece maybe even the slug if a hole saw is used. The last and most drastic would be to cut it open at the base of the dent and pull the edges out, then weld the cut back shut, but not my first choice. What ever you do, body filler needs to be thin or it won't holdup.

Now you could become a sheet metal guy and cut the corner off completely, then make a new corner piece, but that takes more skills than I have for sure. :knockout:

Let us know how you come out.

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Hmmm. Some of the suggestions are getting a bit "out there".

To get this fixed in a shop is going to cost what? $1000?

A stud gun kit can be had on Ebay for about $200. I see there are some for $50-60 - can't comment on whether these are any good. Mine is like the $200 ones and it works a treat.

Using the tabs and technique similar to this video fixing this dent, even with the deep, sharp creases will be relatively simple.

You could use washers and weld them on but it's really easy to blow holes in 0.8mm sheet. Much less likely (although not impossible) with a stud gun. You could also do this one with the studs instead of the tabs but much more work. Even wavy wire would work but a bit tricky to zap it without burning through the wire.

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Many of us can fix this dent relatively easily, a New guy with little to no experience or tooling is going to have problems with it.
Creases that deep are difficult for even an experienced guy trying to get it back perfect, it can be done but it takes experience.

And really its all Mute any way the guy already said he doesn't care if it perfect, Have at it with a slide hammer from Harbor fright and slap the filler on it.
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