What are some causes of flaking/peeling clear coat?

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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 1:43 pm
What are some causes of flaking/peeling clear coat?

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#1. cause you usually hear about is failure of the base. The UV protection of the clear starts to diminish with exposure and age. The clear looses it's grip on the base as it fails and poof!, peeling and flaking. It's why so many people will ask on here if they can just get the failing clear out of the way and re-clear. You can't because the base has already failed as well and both the base and clear have to go. Biggest reason to always pick a good UV inhibited clear if it's a car you care about. From what I've seen and talked to others about cheaper clears have little or possibly none of these protectants.
I've also seen flaking/peeling from improperly applied factory coatings. My brother-in-law had a factory re-call on his GMC Jimmy for failing coating on his hood, all covered by warranty. Stuff happens! :oops:
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Not allowing your base to flash properly can cause it. sometimes you see guys blowing air from their gun on their base to dry it. Since your solvents aren't escaping properly they get trapped under the base. Later on in life the base releases those solvents to the top of the base, just under the clear. So you have base-solvent-clear. Say the next time a stone pops off the road and chips your clear, that solvent escapes and your pretty well left with base-air-clear. This is often what happens when you hear of sheets of clear flying off. This is more common on transparent colors and/or impatient painters. An instructor I spoke with once suggested 99% of the time it would be a red basecoat. (usually most transparent)

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