epoxy primer over phosphoric acid wash

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I am prepping to paint my Tr3 body tub that was sandbalsted and allowed to sit for a couple of years before i got it.i srarted to remove some of the worst surface rust with some home depot phosporic acid.Works gerat.I was going to continue,and wash the whole tub,then rinse with water,blow dry with leaf blower,then use something like ppg Acriclean ,before ppg dplf 90,then k36,reduced dp90 seal coat ,then dcc9300 black.
After reading numerous posts I have some concerns. .Should I use the epoxy over the treated bare steel ,or use an acid wash primer under the epoxy,or is there a recommended nuetalizer for acid wash.I can sand most areas with 80 grith first,but I am concerned about those hard to get nooks and crannies,pitts, that I cant sand well.i used the acid because some pitted areas and surface rusrt wasrt comming off as good with sandpaper or wirewheel brush.

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You can use a product like EZ Prep to neutralize the metal, and then
spray the epoxy primer direct to the treated metal. I wouldn't use an
acid wash, because that'll also leave an acid PH to the metal and that's
what you're trying to get rid of. Good idea to sand it too, since the acid
will work itself into the pores of the metal.

An electric leaf blower is OK to dry with, but I wouldn't use a gas-powered
one since there's a danger of blowing gas and oil residue all over the bare
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Thanks for the reply and info Nighttrain,
I found EZ prep on web.is there a comparable ppg product?
Thanks again,Tom

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Read the tech sheet on your epoxy primer before you apply any metal prep. I know SPI states you shouldn't apply its epoxy over chemical metal preps of any kind.
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thanks 68 R/T,
Seems like nuetralizer and washing are the key.

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