How to: Prep for paint, from bare metal or respray

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Wax and Grease Remover is the best product to use since that's what its made for.
Wipe or spray it on and then wipe it off immediately with clean towels as you stated. Also, you should be wearing gloves at this point as well. Depending on the temperature 30 minutes should be plenty of flash time.

I have been using Omni W&G remover for sometime and just recently switched to **********. Never any issues with either one.
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I know what you're talking about because I've tried to get away with the cheap Duplicolor and Rustoleum brand wax and grease removers.;) They contain a high amount of water and stay wet for a long time, like you're describing. The quality (or even "value line") wax and grease removers don't have this problem. They usually flash off within 5 minutes after wiping with a dry towel. However, I still wait at least 20-30 mins before I spray.

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OK guys - this topic has fully matured and is now LOCKED -- thank you Bobby for your efforts here, much appreciated.

Any new questions about prep, please start a new thread -- but be sure to read this thread completely, first.

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