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jeremyb wrote:
unclejack857 wrote:
jeremyb wrote:Tip on getting a chunk of trash that falls into clear as you are spraying. tear off a small strip of 1-1/2" or 3/4" tape, make a u shape out of it where the sticky side would be facing the panel and gently dab onto the trash untill the adhesive of the tape picks up the trash. Easier than a trash pic or tooth pic...quicker also. I always have a roll of tape on the table in the booth. Even when wearing a suit and headsock, still always the possibility of an eyelash or piece of hair to fall right in the middle of the roof or hood!
A friend told me this same trick once and I don't know how many times it has taken out small runs also! Works pretty good! :goodjob:

Ah yes, slipped my mind about mentioning runs! same technique.

Is there a technique to doing this? I got a smallish run / paint sag on a panel and I thought of this tip. I ripped of some 18mm tape, folded width ways sticky side out. The paint had started to dry and I used the tape. What seemed to happen I was removing too much paint which resulted in divots. I was able to sand them out, I was trying to get it smooth and did not realize I was going too far. Is this best done with the paint really wet?

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I am a complete newbie who is in the middle of my first and probably only repair, but for other newbies I have 3 tips that experienced people won't need, but other newbies like myself are probably reading this too and maybe this will be helpful to them...

1. With covid it is difficult to find affordable full face respirators as they are being reserved for health care workers in many cases, so the weekend warrior might end up with something like the 3M 6100 series half mask, like I did. You still need to protect your eyes from fumes if spraying paint with iso's like urethane clears... but a half mask doesn't leave a lot of room for big goggles, so I got swim goggles that work perfectly with the 3M mask: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RQKC7JL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Air tight and comfy.

2. While the 3M 6001 filters with the PT100 2097 pre-filters are rated for filtering out iso's (until the filters become exhausted), 3M recommends an air hose mask because they point out iso's don't have a lot of odor, so you can't detect the 'sweet almond-y smell' until they've built up enough in your mask that you've already been overexposed. So the old rule of 'replace your filters when you can start to smell the paint' doesn't apply with iso's. Since most weekend warriors won't invest in an air hose setup, it's important to change your filters more often than you otherwise might. I have repainted my repair area twice in recent weeks and would not do another job in the future without buying new filters. Also, don't spray iso's in shorts and tank tops. Protect your skin with gloves, long sleeves, pants, shoes and socks. And toss all in the washer when done for the day - even if you will spray again the next.

3. I made a Word guide that I tacked up in the garage, which had each step I needed to do, in order, including when to use W&G remover, or a tack rag, and how long flash times were, etc. It's easy for a newbie who is in a rhythm of laying down coats every 10 minutes to forget you have to wait 30 min after primer to sand it, or to apply the color coat over it... and 30 min after the color coat to clear it. All second nature to the pros here. :mrgreen:

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