Clear Coat over already painted and coated car

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Hi Everyone,

I had a quick question and will probably have a few more in the near future, so thanks in advance for all the replies and helps that may come.

I own a rather new car, and i have noticed over the last year I have managed to put a few minor scratches on the car. Now I have put things like Nufinish, Scrath Dorctor, and the, likes and it looks excelent for a couple days and then bam your back to being able to see them. None of the scratches are deep, they are all pretty minor as in i really dont believe they even hit the paint just the clearcoat.

This being said, I have recently purchased a professional autobody airspray gun, and have a compressor to use it(building my boy down hill racer), could I just purchase the mix for clearcoat and clearcoat the scratches without sanding or anything else? I wouldnt even be apposed to clearcoating the entire car, it could only make it shinny'er right?

I could take it to a body shop, but i guess im a little thickheaded at times, and dont like hearing anyone say you cant do it, it only makes me want to do it myself even more!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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if the clearcoat is just scratched, try sanding it with 1200 or so sandpaper and then buff it out. It sounds like you don't have a lot of experience, so if you choose to reclear, you better practice, practice and practice some more before you make a mess of your semi-new car!!!! :knockout:

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If you can feel the scratch with the end of your fingernail,,,its to deep to buff out. (Most of the time)
If you have never painted,,,I would not even attempt it. Its not as easy as it looks. You will end up with a mess.
You will have to sand the panel you want to repair,,,you just cant spray clear on a car. You must sand and clean it first.
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