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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:01 pm
So I picked this car up about 2 years ago, looked clean, drove well, clean autocheck, looked to be cared for, etc... Fast forward to last summer, paint started chipping on the passengers side where the quarter panel tucks up under sail panel. Checked door jamb, and found a paint line, so the quarter had been painted. Pulled rear bumper cover, tails, filler panel recently as I'm doing some other work, so I could get a better look at the rear end while it was apart. From what I can tell, looks like an impact was on the right rear which I expected, behind passengers tail light, and maybe lower right bumper cover into spare tire well based off what I can see. The lower quarter where you can see primer spray, looks wavy/dented, but when looking in the spare tire well, that looks like it's suppose to be that way. Not sure?

When looking from inside the car the quarter and panels look original, so I'm not sure how much damage the right rear really took.

Just wanted to get you guys' opinion on it since it seems like we've got some decent body guys in this section.


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Yup been hit from behind what do you wanna know?

Not going to be possible to straiten it more without some strategic pulling and some hammer & dolly work. I don't think it needs a panel I think it could be saved But I'm not doing the work.
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