2k high build primer imperfections (solvent bubbles?)

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Looking for some advice on a situation I'm in....new to auto painting and this is my first project. It's a 99 miata nb and the car is getting prepped for base coat.

We replaced a few panels that were rusted out. Those were etch primered then we did a spray polyester filler (2 coats) block sanded smooth.

Then a 2k high build over top of that. Used a 1.4mm gun tip and mixed 4:1:1. The issue is there are very small imperfections in the primer. They can only be seen when the panel is wiped with a wet rag and the lights at the right angle. You cannot feel them at all.

In the picture this door is sanded with 320 dry then wet. It's really hard to get a picture of them since they are so small.

Any advice would be great! Thanks

I tried to get a couple pictures illustrating the problem

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