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Hello everyone
I am new here and new to DYI auto painting and could use some of your ideas.

My son and I have a project, to refurbish our 1997 Subaru Legacy SW ( picture added)
This Subaru is in excellent shape in regards to engine, miles, interior and mechanics but needs fixing on the body, paint and tire caps and rims.

After the body is fixed, I will lift it as well and possibly add larger tires.

I will fix bumps, scratches and scrapes on the body and prep it for paint.

Any advise for the process is appreciated as many several options are out there.
I am stuck and am looking for ideas as to what color or colors, patterns I should paint it?
If it we're for my son it would look like a hotwheel car but since I am using this car for work, that's a big no lol

I am looking for classy or sport ideas and also saw some cool camo patterns out there and decal options.

Any ideas are appreciated and if you have pictures, even better.

I am on a tight budget so it can not be too involved.

Thank you so much!!!!!

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