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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:36 pm
I'm new at this and have a couple questions about storing the products I'm using. I'm painting a car with Summit Racing single stage acrylic urethane. I used the Summit urethane activator and Kirker "Ultra-Glo" urethane reducer. I used these about 2 months ago with very good results.

But, they have been sitting in my shed for the last two months. I live in southern Arizona so they haven't been exposed to much cold weather but there have been a couple nights that got down around 30 degrees. I can't find any info on the cans about storage concerns.

Do you think I'll be alright using these again or should I toss them out to be safe? They've all been sitting in their original containers with closed lids.


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If you resealed the containers immediately after use you should be fine.

I have paint that is over 2 years old that I wouldn't hesitate to use. The activators are what tend to go bad if not sealed properly. If you look into the activator and see any cloudiness or a seedy appearance throw it out.
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