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My wife's car was recently sideswiped in a parking lot. I took it to a local auto body and paint shop that had really good reviews. The damage was contained to the driver front and rear doors and the rear quarter panel (see pic). The only part that was replaced was the rear door. When the car was returned to us the first time, the new paint was very noticeably different than the old paint, as if they barely tried to blend it in. The second time it was returned, the transition from the quarter panel to the bumper was better, however, there was still no blending from the door to the panel (see pics). The shop told my wife that they had a hard time blending because of the way that paint adheres to and dries on plastic vs metal. That would make sense for the bumper. But, both doors and the quarter panel are metal. Am I unrealistic to think that the paint matching should look better or is this the best a shop can do? To me, it looks like lazy work (probably because the other parties insurance haggled them down on price). Should I take it back a third time? The insurance company has already paid them. If I take it somewhere else, I will probably be paying out of pocket. Please help.

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i'd give them the bumper that's a difficult call sometimes you can get likely most of the time you can't. as for the metal areas it should be well, exact. they will most likely need to blend the rear, that going to get involved probably why the didn't do it. it will take a talented painter to blend the color and clear so it looks right.
Didn't you have to sign off on the payment.
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You can't paint to an edge of a panel and expect it to match the panel next to it.
Any reputable shop knows that and will blend into the next panel to
make it right if they're a good shop.
If you can't get them to fix it, try this, sand the existing panel next to the new paint
with 3000 grit sandpaper then buff it out. I have found many times that will
help. A lot of existing clearcoat yellows over time and a fresh cut and buff
will make it match better.
There was no reason to repaint the top of those doors since all the damage was to the bottom, the top only needed to be clearcoated after blending the color from the bottom. They may have done that, but if they sanded the existing clear before reclearing the entire panel, then sanding may have removed some yellowing of the existing clear, and if so, the surrounding panel needs cut and buffing as well.
Buffing alone won't do it, it has to sanded and buffed for it to make a difference.

(It's not custom painting-it's custom sanding)

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Pics on the internet are really forgiving and in this case tell all....

You are dam right to want it fixed right I have seen many guys come hear and complain about a good job wanting perfection (its never gonna be perfect!) BUT you should have gotten a much better job than you got!
Take it to your adjuster and tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine!!!!
Tell him or her you want it fixed right! Don't accept less at this point! You have to right to expect a much better job than this! You shouldn't be able to see the difference between The panels period!!!!!.

And at this Point I would make them make the bumpers or plastic parts match perfectly in day light as well just like original!
I would stick it so far up there wazzoo it would make there head spin!
Your more than within your right to expect a better paint match and I suggest NOT picking it up until you see it done right under a clear blue sky in bright day light period so you can see the work, make them earn there money!

Your more than within your rights if you don't get satisfaction take them to court youl easily win.
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I've seen some pretty horrible panel matches here especially with silver and greys. Even seen 2" long hair in a door! Totally unacceptable!

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