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I got some touch up paint for my Toyota Corolla 2002 and it needs a lot of work on some spots that are on the bump running along the side of the car. I see instructional videos about wet sanding and other methods but I'm not sure what the best method would be to repair this as its not a smooth surface. It's an older car so I don't need it to look perfect that's why I'm just going to do it myself but I'd really appreciate some input. There is a large scrape also on the front bumper from tapping some sort of rubber but I tried to scrub it away when it first happened and it just seemed to make it worse as I had no idea what I was doing. Here's some pictures:

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Any time you see the "black" appearing on the trim, bumper, etc., that means you are down to the raw plastic in those areas. As for some advice on a faded 15 year old white paint job and trying to "so/so" some touch-up work I'll have to defer to some other guys here.... I think you could be making it look a lot worse...... maybe save a little more money and do a "slap/dash" on a Maaco sale paint job......
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