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Newbie nick, my first post, 71 yrs old, self employed machinist retired, been spray painting for 40 yrs, dump trucks, tractors, dozers, etc, they don't count for much, just straight enamel, sometime hardener. Bought a 1929 model AA truck 16 yrs ago, dismantled it 8 yrs ago, sandblasted the entire cab each piece and primer them with vsp HS35 2K, surface/sealer, did the bare frame primer, single stage black urethane 2K, and front and rear axle and 5 wheels. This is not a show truck, it will be a daily driver, this week I paid $75.00 for 1 qt of black to do the fender and 2 running boards 6' long. I want to paint the cab, hood and bed, rock moss green, price in town for nason $201 for a gal. urethane, activator $80qt, ,reducer $48qt, total $352.00. I want to stick with urethane. From what I've read all acrylic urethane is water base. I know about the danger, ware respirator, hood, long sleeve, nitrile gloves, well ventilated. Use Binks 630 hvlp gun, not much overspray.
So where online can I get a deal on 1 gal. rock moss green, single stage urethane 2K
Thanks from newbie nick

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You can try giving Tamco a call. Click the Store Front button above to see their primers and clear coats. They also sell color I believe.

I order base coat online from Chad's Paint and Audio - ... and-audio/

The Automotive Art Motobase LV mixes 1:1 so you get 2 gallons sprayable and it sprays and covers very well. They sell a converter that you mix with the base coat to produce a Single Stage. ... /?Search=1

Contact Chad's and see what they quote you for the color you want. It will be shipped to your front door.
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