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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:29 pm
Thinking of doing a matt black using matt clear.
Local shop has this for clear ... 2-1-82-56/

but instead of using black base (to save some coin), could one achieve a decent result with using either black epoxy or black trim paint as a base?

I used the SEM trim paint on some plastic seats for a DIY go kart with proper prep knowing that it would rub off after some time. Pic is 3 yrs of use. Note sure how well this stands up to the elements

I am thinking of initially trying the matt black on a mountain bike, with some white base lettering stencilled below.

Also want to repaint the trim around the Accord when i repaint the car next year, pic attached.

Should I just buy some black base and be done with it? Automotive Art is about $100 Cdn/qt so no cheap.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:43 pm
I did gloss clear over white epoxy. it was the toughest coating I've ever seen it was on a Honda 350x that got rode hard and alot in the sand.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:26 pm
I tried out some matt clear on an old mountain bike that I wanted to do as an SR71 tribute.

I wanted to get into airbrush work and bought an Brother Scan N Cut vinyl cutter and tried out some Gold mask (expensive stuff) for the first time.

I did the bike frame in ********** black epoxy and bought some black Omni base but it was getting late and I didn't want to shoot the black base as the epoxy looked decent. So I attached the mask and went for it. Some letters were a tad too large and a tad off. The Skunk got ripped in some spots from the cutter as it was too small so some manual touch ups were required.

First time using an airbrush and I didn't have it dialled in and got a little over spray, but good enough. Too many coats of white too.

First time shooting matt clear. The stuff looks like milk out of the can and I thought it was bad at first, but it seemed go fine for my first time in most of these techniques.

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