How do you find a auto body/painter shop?

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I'm started to get really slammed at work so I'm wanting to send my 67 F250 out to finish and getting it ready for primer. I'm about 75% done with the sanding and I'm looking for someone to finish that for me and then shoot it. How do I find someone who will do me a good job and not rip me off? I thought I found a guy to finish the cab and bed with media blasting but he didn't want to do because he was afraid it would damage the motor (I really appreciated his honesty and concern!). So where do I go from here? My 2 fenders, 2 doors and hood have been taken off and are being blasted so that part is taken care of. I live in the Kansas City area, so anyone know of someone in this area?
I found on craigslist one guy who does classic cars but I think he's way out of my price range and besides, I want this to look nice but I'm planning on using it on daily basis.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Go to a local car show. Find a car that looks great and start asking questions.
You definitely want someone with a reputation BUT be prepared to dig deep in your pocket book.
Personally, I would not paint a car someone else did the prep work on. My name goes on every car I paint so stripping it will be part of the estimate.
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I agree with Jim
Car shows and Automotive Swap meets are your best places to look most will have a scrap book or online pics of there work or a car to display Very few of us advertise on Craigs list or the like. Word of mouth speaks volumes, There are plenty of guys out there doing this work, some good some not so good. You get what you pay for remember that!

Avoid Body shops that specialize in dent and fender repair aka Body shop jails.
They say they can do a complete paint job but as soon as a dented fender comes in its all hands on the quicky job while the big job sits and waits!
Its not uncommon for a complete paint job to sit a year or longer! without being touched!

Mom and Pop Restoration shops can turn complete paint jobs faster but be prepared to pay the price!
Shop rates of $35 hr - $125 hr are the norm and any where in between.
Jobs exceeding 2000 hrs are not uncommon in this business with 400 -500 hr restorations being the average job.
Restoration guys like keeping floor space open and available for these big jobs but will take in simple repaints.

400 - 500 hrs is the average for semi basic semi detailed Strip and repaint that may or may not include cut and buff all depends on the level of work performed and level of detail.
Details such as removal of glass, interior, engine, transmission, drive line, rear differential, Rebuilding of those components, seals, chrome, suspension list goes on and on restoration guy's love details!
If theirs not enough work or detail to the job don't be surprised to get a quote hi enough to chase you out of the shop!

Most all like keeping floor space open for big jobs, simple repaints are bread and butter though so keep it very simple but leave work on the plate so these guys can make some money these guys do this to make money there not there just to help you.
Most all will strip anything you've already done and start over as they need to know whats underneath! a good Paint job starts with a good foundation they know this and live by it.

Again Jobs exceeding 2000+ hrs are not uncommon in this business with the 400 -500 hr restorations being the average Restoration,
These guys like keeping floor space open for these bigger jobs, they take up a huge amount of shop space to do them but they will take in simple repaints and simple jobs.

Talk to them get to know them work with them explain what you want where you want to go with your project. let them tell you how to do it so there comfortable taking over at certain points along the way other wise they will shy away thinking everything done needs to be redone to protect there reputation. Word of mouth is every thing in this business also don't be surprised if guy works out of his garage or small shop with out a business license.
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