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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 12:30 am
I messed up the white raptor rooftop when I was painting the black trim surrounding the back doors of my Chevy Express with black Raptor aerosol cans. Never again will I use those. The overspray is so much more than using a paint gun! Anyway, the overspray that settles on the white roof makes it look dingy. I was going to spray one more coat of white Raptor in it to fix it but now I am rethinking. I am thinking that it may just be easier and even look better if I paint the roof same color I painted the body with, Cool Grey Khaki which is a grey blue. The reason i painted the roof white in the first place was to help with heat transfer in the summer.

So my questions are these. Will having a white roof really make much difference to the interior temperature during the summer? If the difference is negligible, I will just paint it the grey blue. I know I will have have to sand it. Will I need to do two coats? Or will one suffice?


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It will depend on where you live.
Here in Arizona it can make quite a bit of difference but somewhere up north it will not.
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