Painting for galvanic corrosion suppression only

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This is my first post here. I've seen many posts about which primer to use and ease of sanding etc. My application has different aims and hopefully someone will be able to help point me in the right direction. I am coating RF grounding points. The setup is prone to galvanic corrosion and I'm trying my hardest to keep that from happening for both the RF losses and my chassis.

The setup is this. A 304SS bolt with a 304SS washer, then a nickel plated wire terminal, then a phosphorus bronze toothed washer. The toothed washer will make contact with a small wire-brushed portion of my frame and body panel. The opposite side will not have any wire-wheel action and will be bolted with a nylock nut. The whole setup needs to be coated with something that will last and be impenetrable to moisture. I do not care about sand-ability, look (bumpy, stipple, etc), or anything that doesn't include adherence and sealing capability. I have a sand blaster that I can roughen the bolt head and washer for paint/epoxy adhesion.

What do you recommend for my paint? I can spray or brush. I'd prefer to brush to fill in the grooves etc, but if spray is the best way, so be it.

Thanks all!

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Pick up a bottle of "KopperShield" from your local electrical supply store,
and use it sparingly on the connection. Then coat both sides of the connection
with epoxy paint. If there's no aluminum present, the connection will last for a
long time. That's about the best you can do...
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check out some GLYPTAL RED that's what the electrical dept use were I use to work. I don't know why just plane old epoxy wouldn't work. also wondering about the phosphorus bronze washer, why not use a s.s. toothed washer. were problems start is when you start using dissimilar metals in contact with one another, you have 3. you also might check out some of the battery terminal coatings for the connection to the frame then coat the outside with epoxy.
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