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PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:40 pm
No one is trying to beat you up, it's just that we are reminded of what happens in cases like yours.

I never planned to do work for other people but a guy asked me to restore his '65 Buick convertible and I needed the money to finish my project.
That brought another job and another until I now turn away work. I have never advertised, displayed a sign at a car show or tried to start a business.

Just saying that if you take pride in your work it will draw people to you.
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:goodpost: EXACTLY! I never advertised actually I tried to keep a low profile, but after a couple years I was over whelmed. I had people calling me form other states hundreds of miles away. all on a good reputation. VERY IMPROTANT.
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'68 Coronet R/T wrote:
Millermatic87 wrote:He had it mixed at a shop. I wanted to practice my blends but that’s what he wanted on a budget. In a way I’m still happy I got to spray this color and got to try that Tamco Clear Coat.

If you plan to paint other cars for people, I strongly suggest you refuse work where the customer wants it done substandard.
What happens is others will ask him, "who painted your car?" and it will be your name that gets attached to the substandard work.
I have turned away jobs for this very reason. Had a guy show up that did his own prep work and wanted a quick and cheap paint job. I told him to try Maaco as I am not going to have my name attached to poor quality work.

This :goodpost:
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