Gun Adjustments for Orange Peel in Clear

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 12:41 pm
OldFatBald wrote:Well, I sanded my trunk lid (AGAIN). At least I am getting good at sanding my trunk lid. (I know "How many times is he going to show his trunk??")

BTW, I dry sanded with Eagle Super Assilex sheets and 6" DA paper. Very nice stuff.

Anyways, last Friday I warmed up the Tamco 2104 HS clear to mid-70s temp, over reduced it to 20%.

I setup three more test panels outside as I didn't want to kick up any more dust in the pig barn where the trunk lid is.

Shop temps were low 70s. The Sata was set to 33 psi.

Started on the test panel and the gun wouldn't put out enough material!! At least this was on my test panel. Checked my gun pressure and the pressure was low - WHAAAT! So I cranked up the pressure at the wall and went back to the test panels. Still not working right - Trying to keep calm, I always clean my gun pretty well, so what am I doing wrong??? Turns out that I have my air compressor on a rotating timer switch connected to a contactor (relay) and it had turned off - Yep gotta turn it on and leave it on.

Now I am feeling relieved and go back to the test panels, and AGAIN not enough material coming out!!! Then I remember the little air cap on the bottom of the Sata RPS cup that needs to be pushed on AND then pulled up. Now its working great!! So I shoot my test panels, then head inside to shoot the trunk one more time. I also learned that I shouldn't try to paint anything outside that I care about as one of the local birds "commented" over all three test panels.

The clear laid out on the test panels perfect, and the trunk looks real good except on the left edge you can see just a little bit of OP. Still not sure what I did wrong but I do think that on the test panels which were sitting higher, that I had the gun closer to the surface than when I did the trunk.

I am sure that the trunk would polish out real nice if I had the balls to try to cut and polish it, which I don't!

I was going for 50% overlaps.

On the purple test panel, you can see the reflection of a box to paper towels, so I know that I can do better.

That Sata "I" nozzle sure does put out an easy to see fan. I think it is just the nut behind the gun that needs more work/practice.

Trunk - Final.jpg

Purple panel 3.jpg

very nice, i'm impressed :goodjob: i say this as i don't have the artistic talent to do this, i wish i did.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:26 pm
PainterDave wrote:Those look great !!! youre fighting different temps all the time.

Come Visit !!!

Can't wait to, but for now I guess I'm gonna have to!
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