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Hi Everyone, So glad to have found this forum!!

I was reading through the OP and I have a question about this.

4. Rattle can products at your local auto parts retail store are best to be avoided. We see a lot of guys here mistakenly use aerosol primer under a catalyzed color coat, then wonder why they have adhesion problems later. That rattle can stuff is a type of lacquer (that's the only way it can have a shelf life for so long). It can work if used under acrylic enamel or other rattle-can finishing products -- but typically not what the community here gets involved with.

I'm going to paint my motorcycle (1995 suzuki intruder) using rattle cans and I want to make sure I get the right paint/primer clear etc.

1. I will not be sanding down to bare metal, just cleaning/scuffing the old paint. Should I still use primer?

2. I was planning to use the 2k clear coat that I keep hearing about. Is this going to work if I use rattle can primers and paints?

3. When I get the colors and primer etc what specifically do I need to be looking for? What "type" of paint and does the brand matter.

This is an old bike and the chrome is not perfect so I don't need "perfect" results, I just want to do a "good" job and not have it be something I regret doing.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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