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Totally green here with zero body work, auto painting experience. What I have here is a 2006 Corolla with 180K miles that runs like a top. I've had this car for 6 years putting 400+ highway miles/week. Good hwy miles, not NYC highway miles, there is a difference. Anyway, this car sits in the NC sun all day, every day. Most of the paint on the roof is gone and is now rusting. It has gotten a lot worse over the summer. The hood looks like the roof did 6 months ago so I would assume the hood will look like the roof 6 months from now. There's a small dent in the pass fender and a few dings here and there, all dings have started to rust. Obviously, it's not worth having this car fixed professionally, I can't imagine what it would cost. Selling it, I wouldn't get much, nor do I want to sell it. Only option, fix it myself. I thought I would "you tube" my way through this fix. Now all you pros, try and catch your breath after laughing so hard. Don't knock it, I've done retaining walls, patios, drywall, etc. all you tube educated. I don't expect my work to look like it just came out of a pro's shop, but I would like it to be decent and not a rust bucket. I only have a few million questions, so here's a few. If I paint the entire car, do I do it in sections or all at once? I know I would need an epoxy primer for bare metal. On the other car panels, after roughing up the surface, do I use the same primer or something different. I have an entry level gun and I'm borrowing a neighbors compressor. Also, do I need 2 guns, one for primer and one for paint/clearcoat? Thanks all and I'm sure more questions will follow.
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Click the Info Center link (upper right) and you will find lots of information for newbies.
Here's one to get you started: ... ould-know/

Also, at the top of each forum there are Sticky Posts dealing with different aspects of the process for restoring or just painting your car.
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Also, it might be a good idea to add your location to your profile. You never know, someone nearby might be willing to offer local advice or some help.

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A 2006 Corolla with 180K miles?

Stop and ask yourself a couple of questions, are you wanting to spend the time and (a lot of ) money to get into a new hobby?

Or are you just trying to prevent the rot on a fourteen year old commuter car?

If you are wanting to get into a new hobby, prepare to spend more than that car is worth on tools, materials and equipment. To do it correctly, it is going to be more than a $12 HF gun and your neighbor's pancake compressor. But if you do want a new hobby, stay off of YouTube and read more posts here, then feel free to ask questions. You certainly wont ask any questions dumber than I have here. This site is probably one of the best sources of knowledge for a specialized subject.

If you want to just band aid that roof, you can get some sand paper, cleaners, 2k rattle can epoxy primer and some 2k rattle can paints/clears.

I'm not trying to be an as$ or anything, but this is not a cheap hobby. A lot of these guys on this forum are or have been pros, I'm not. I am a total weekender hack rookie and I have spent thousands of dollars, but it is one of my hobbies.
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Thanks for the advise OFB. I fully understand the costs vs. the value of the car. Maybe it will become a new hobby, who knows? One thing I do know is when I do something I'd like to think I'm doing it right. That's why I joined this forum. The car needs more than just a roof band aid, so I figure, what the hell, learn a little and try and make it look good. As far as you tube is concerned, I find that watching AND reading helps me more. And there are plenty of pros on you tube, I pass over the weekend warriors.

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orion619 wrote:If I paint the entire car, do I do it in sections or all at once?

Why paint the whole car? Looks to me like you need to do a bonnet, roof, bootlid and quarter. Each of those panels is separated from adjoining panels so painting them separately should not be a big issue and saves the situation of biting off more than you can chew.

Follow the link above for more information on products and procedures, then come back and ask any specific questions that you may have.

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