Eastwood’s roll on primer

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badsix wrote:i your particular case it can work. i would experiment with different rollers you don't want a lot of nap to the roller, as it will apply the primer to thick. a real short nap will leave a rather smooth surface and not be to thick. if it happens to not be enough after your first blocking you can always do another coat. for the primers you listed i really can't say, i've never used the Eastwood stuff and don't know what your substrate is or looks like. you usually can't go wrong using epoxy. I would do the first coat with epoxy then guide coat and block with 180, then roll some 2 part urethane primer and finish sand with what ever the shop would like, it or maybe they will want to sand it. if this is going to happen soon you should talk with the shop so your all on the same page.
Jay D.

Thanks for the information, it all helps. Are there other roll on primers out there? I have only heard of Eastwood’s. I have all PPG product on the car now, and would love to continue with that, but I didn’t think there was any other roll on products.

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Any high build primer can be rolled on. At the time I was using the process I was using the Dulux 10:1 which was sandable in under an hour. Currently using a Monsanto primer which is super high solids - that would probably go ok too but it sprays on like silk.

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I've done it with my old favorite HOK epoxy. Used a brush, actually. Small areas and I didn't want to mask, or clean my gun. The HOK KP-2 is a good surfacer, as well as being a great epoxy. So 2 coats brushed on, makes a good start to block sanding. No need for glaze for the small stuff, either!

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