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Hey everyone, im new to the forum. I will admit, I know nothing about paint and when it come to major stuff ill leave it to the pros. I am currently re-doing the trunk on my 66 Ford Galaxie. There was minor surface rust in it but I want to bring it back to life and make it look new. Here are my questions.

1) Can I sandblast it, or walnut shell etc., to get it to bare metal? I know I can wire wheel it but thats a lot of time, I have 2 jobs and 3 kids.

2) Once its bare metal I think I treat it with dp90 primer? Is that from cans or spray gun? If its spray is there a gun I can get to use with a pancake compressor? Probably a dumb question.

3) Last one. Everyone seems to use Zolatone for a final product. Again, is this something I would need a much better compressor for? If so it may be a bigger investment. Im guessing body shops would do that part?

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.

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Are you restoring the car? If so I don't believe Zolatone was used in the trunk on a '66 Ford.

I used it on a '65 Buick and it is good stuff.
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:goodpost: Zolatone works good and looks good. how are you going to blast it ( have someone do it )? you'll want to take precautions to keep the sand from get everywhere ( in paces you don't want it). like the inner forward quarter panel area. sand blasting is messy unless you have just a shell of the body. i think your going to want more air also.
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