Rust patch repair - how prime and paint!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:56 am
Thanks for the reply, that's really helped my understanding.

NFT5 wrote:Probably, once you have some experience under your belt and provided it's 150mm or bigger. The 125mm ones just tend to dig in. For now, using blocks and hand sanding will give you more control and teach you what you need to achieve with the machine.

Is is indeed a 150mm sander with variable speed. But I'll take your advice, whilst working on the smaller panels I'll stick to hand and block sanding. Do you know what sort of RPM DAs run at?

NFT5 wrote:Clearcoat blends are the province of highly experienced painters only. While technically not difficult, achieving a result that can't be seen needs much practice and even all the very experienced amateurs here will only clear the whole panel.

Sure thing. That makes perfect sense. I'll clear the whole panel.

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