Single Stage Changed Color in can!!??

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I bought a gallon of single stage urethane paint from a local bodyshop. The product is BASF Limco Line. The color I ordered was light blue, it was the closest I could get to the original color of my 1962 CJ5.
The first mix went on fine and so did the second. The third mix (now the second coat) came out of the gun, clearly lighter in color.
I went back to the gallon can (not mixed with reducer or hardener) and the color was clearly changing color. It had a whitish streak through it as if it wasn't mixed. When I stirred it up again it changed to a lighter color.
I was beyond mad and went straight back to the bodyshop. The guy mixed up another quart and I watched him do a perfect job measuring toners and mixing/ shaking the paint.
I returned to my shop and on the second mix out of this new quart, the SAME THING HAPPENED!!
What is going on? What is wrong with the paint? It absolutely was mixed thoroughly.


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Tinters can and do separate out. White is one of the worst since it is so heavy but metallics and pearls also do it in basecoat mixes.

Shake your tin before use and stir, using a broad, flat paddle, making sure that you get all the settled out parts on the bottom of the can.

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