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PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 5:31 am
Whats a good paint to put over internal e-coated panels.

Example, got to weld in place two new rear quarter panels to my car next week, both new quarters have e-coat on the inside of the skin. Once they are welded in, should i try and paint them through access holes or just leave them alone.

My concern is really the weld points being a point of corrosion and rust


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 9:34 am
Epoxy primer and a paint brush will work for hard to reach areas.

I like to grind the back side of welds flat when I can reach them, then epoxy primer and paint.

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It all really depends on the particular place if you can easily get to the back side then paint it with epoxy after it welded. your going to want to remove some of the e-coat where the weld is going to be, some e-coats don't weld good. don't use a grinder use a sander grinding will reduce the thickness of the metal making welding more difficult. i USUALLY will epoxy the inside then sand to bare metal any places that are to be welded. then coat those bare metal places with a good weld through primer, some of that is going to burn away at the weld. its about the best you can do.
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I use a Brush and or spray on back sides after welding just depends on how access is.

Also When I am getting ready to weld panels together I will pre-fit every thing then take it apart and Spot sand all areas were I will be welding so the metal is clean for a good weld. Then reassemble for welding after welding Paint with epoxy to seal it up.
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Thanks for all the info, will test fit, prep, weld and paint internally


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