Rust removal after sitting out

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Hi all, 

I was trying to get my '51 Plymouth ready for paint last summer, but time got away from me. I left her out uncovered all winter like an idiot, so now I have even more work.

I'm having a hard time getting rid of the surface rust, especially on the boarders of the bondo I put on last year. I've tried vinegar water and evaporust, but neither one got into the sanding scratches well enough.

Any suggestions on how to clean it up (ideally without having to redo the bondo)? I'm ready to get it painted and go cruising!

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Pictures would help.

The correct way to handle this is to strip everything back to metal, spray epoxy primer and the begin the process of panel straightening.
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Any chemical that will remove rust in a minimum of time, will soak into the bondo, and ruin it. So plan on stripping it off, probably some rust creeping under it, anyway.
Fastest way, go to a hardware store and buy concrete cleaner, with Muriatic acid. Works very fast, but is also very dangerous to work with. Take proper precautions.

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