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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 9:19 am
JMO. I've sprayed rts duplicolor bright silver(awesome color btw) on my rims then clear coat it with 2k urethane. No problems at all. But I did not sprayed at 30psi, I sprayed way higher and adjusted the material volume , fan pattern(narrower that normal) to compensate. Kobalt 20 gal. Compressor even with a 50ft hose.
Best advice I can offer is to mix your paint and practice over metal piece adjusting pressure, fan pattern and material volume, disregard how far or close to spray(more on this later), keep in mind how hot it is and humidity level these are factors involved that will make the paint come out nice or not regardless of what equipment is being used.
find a sweet distance between paint gun and surface being sprayed. The idea here is to reproduce how the paint is spraying as if it was a spray can(you feel good about it). Keep adjusting the gun and pressure and distance until you find that sweet spot.
Every person is different some do a better job say at 12" away from gun at a 8" fan pattern where as some people can do just at good but at different distance and... you get the idea.
Set up your equipment to suit best your skillset or preference, don't forget the factors involved. Once you find that spot....

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:31 am
ttbit wrote:Uh oh. My compressor is rated at 8.5 scfm @ 40 and 6.8 scfm @ 90. I thought it was higher than that, but I just checked the label. The gun is rated at 12 scfm @ 45 avg. I honestly thought I was good there. The pressure drop pulling the trigger is not much at all and it seemed consistent. I have a regulator at the compressor set to 80 or so and a regulator at the gun where I have been playing around with psi close to 30. cfm rating is likely causing this? If so, I feel pretty stupid now and should have checked all of that in the first place.

Thanks again.

I have seen the Purple gun do some nice jobs it can do it if you have a Good one.

Do not adjust air pressure at base of gun! Leave any valve at base of gun wide open.
Just read pressure at base of gun! adjust at Main regulator in your case at compressor.

Yes your compressor is to small. I hope you have some sort of moisture trap and air drier of some sort? again watch CFM flow ratings or any that you buy? Devilbiss Snake drier works good flows well.
Usually number one reason for Orange peel is too low of air pressure or Fluctuations in air pressure.
If you reduce it use a Slow reducer may help it flow out but may create more runs than you like, Runs are another Battle.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:52 pm
Thank you all for your replies. I am going to find a nice sized test panel to mess around more. I'll bet most of it is still setup and my lack of experience/skills. After taking a break for a few days, I am eager to get back at it again. If I get more confident, I will continue on with the rest of the car. The days are now getting hot and humid, so I might try modern paint as well.

This reminds me of when I was learning guitar. There was obviously something wrong with my equipment. I took the axe to the guitar shop to have it looked at and the guy picked it up and made it sing. It was just me and my fingers. Probably the same thing with painting. I am still not good at guitar, but better than I was...and that guitar from 1987 still works great! hahahahaha

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